Housing & Lodging

Future Truckers of America is able to offer on-campus housing to those who need it at a reasonable rate.

With four efficiency apartments on campus, FTA is able to house up to 12 students on campus. Each apartment is equipped with television, kitchenette with microwave ovens and refrigerators, and an area to study. In addition, for those who bring laptops, wireless internet is available in the apartments. Each person should ask for the wireless internet encryption code.

Each student should also ask for a code to enter their rooms, as each is equipped with a lock box. For those arriving on the weekend, be sure to ask for the code well in advance, preferably the week prior to arriving.

Each student is respoFTA offers housing with 3 people to each room. Pictures are representational.nsible for bringing bed linens and any other items they may need to be away from home for several days.

Your checklist should include:

  • Pillows, sheets, and blankets for a single bed
  • Towels and wash clothesapply_now3
  • Soap
  • Tooth paste / toiletries
  • Easy meals and snacks

Please note that smoking is not allowed in the rooms, and alcohol is not allowed on campus.

It is our goal to make every student staying on campus as comfortable as possible and our staff will try to rectify any problems a student may have as quickly as possible.

Apartment housing is on a first-come, first-serve basis and costs $20 per night. Under certain circumstances, this fee may be waived. We encourage you to apply early for both CDL training and housing.