Meet the Staff





Randy Batts, President

Future Truckers was incorporated in 1997 after Randy Batts saw a need for a school that put the success of the student at the forefront. With many years of experience as a driver, trainer, instructor, and admissions rep, Randy had the vision of opening his own school as a result of the short comings he witnessed at other training facilities.

Future Truckers of America, has grown into a well-respected training provider that strives to accommodate the needs of its clients. Using the “Golden Rule” - treat others as you wish to be treated - Future Truckers has excelled in providing quality entry level drivers to the many carriers that hire its graduates.

Randy has an associate's degree in business, is certified as a Defensive Driving Instructor, Haz-Mat Instructor, Third Party NCDMV Examiner and NC Commercial Driving Instructor.

Using a hands on approach, Randy is instrumental in the day to day operations at Future Truckers of America.

 Jeff Cook, Vice President

Jeff has been at Future Truckers since incorporation in 1997. Jeff is responsible for all aspects of operations at Future Truckers. With many years in the trucking industry, as well as a background in instructing, Jeff brings an attitude of true value to the training program.

Jeff’s duties include overseeing training curriculum, equipment maintenance and purchasing, North Carolina and Federal Regulations, Third Party Examiners, Instructors, facility maintenance, program expansion and all parts of the daily operation.

Jeff is also a former Board Member as well as past Vice Chair of the Commercial Vehicle Training Association. Jeff is a strong supporter of building working relationships with the carriers that hire our graduates.

Jeff is certified as a North Carolina Commercial Driving Instructor and Recruiter, Defensive Driving Instructor, Emergency Vehicle Driving Instructor, and Smith Driving Instructor.

 Julie Cook, General Manager

Julie comes to Future Truckers after many years in the accounting department with Ruddick, Inc. Julie came on board in 1998. As the company began to grow, it was apparent that Future Truckers needed someone with Julie’s abilities to oversee the financial aspects of operation. With a vested interest in Future Truckers, Julie has been outstanding in performing her job duties and keeping the interest of Future Truckers in the forefront.

Julie’s duties include Payables, Receivables, Payroll, Administrative Staff, Admission Reps, Student Financing, IT, and all parts of the day to day operation.

Julie is certified as a North Carolina Commercial Driver Recruiter, has completed many courses in accounting and computers.

 Pat Batts, Placement

Pat joined Future Truckers after 38 fulfilling years at Bell South. Not quite ready for full retirement, Pat has been instrumental in assisting our graduates with job placement during and after their time at Future Truckers.

With an open ear and a "to the point" attitude, Pat has ensured that the placement rate at Future Truckers has remained remarkable throughout our years of operation.

Pat’s duties include Job Placement, locating new companies to hire our graduates, building relationships with carriers, office duties, and all aspects of day to day operations.

Jack Foutz,admissions rep

Jack has been with FTA since 2000 and serves FTA as an outside admissions rep.  His primary responsibility is ensuring potential students are qualified for both the training program at FTA and the trucking industry.  Jack is very detailed oriented goes above and beyond to assist his clients in enrollment at FTA.  Jack is responsible for setting up and attending job fairs, keeping our WIA offices informed or requirements and changes, and acting as a laison between FTA and government sponsored students.  Jack also assists National Guard members and former military with enrollment processes at FTA.


Kelly Aydelette, Lead Instructor / Examiner

Kelly has been with Future Truckers since 1999 after a successful career as a company driver/trainer. As an instructor, Kelly was able to quickly display the management skills needed to efficiently operate our training department. An excellent instructor and manager, Kelly is one of the biggest reasons Future Truckers has excelled as a training provider.

Kelly is certified as a North Carolina Commercial Driving Instructor and as a North Carolina Third Party Examiner.

Kelly’s duties include managing our training program, scheduling, road testing, instructing, vehicle maintenance, and all aspects of the training program.

 Charlie Flowers, Instructor/Examiner

Charlie has been with Future Truckers since 2001. Charlie comes to Future Truckers after a career in the Navy, Law Enforcement and then a driver for several NASCAR teams.

Charlie has a resume filled with awards and training certifications from his years in Law Enforcement, including pursuit training and defensive driving, as well as a driver.

Charlie takes a no-nonsense approach to his duties as an instructor and holds the safety of the motoring public in high regard.

Charlie is certified as a North Carolina Commercial Driving Instructor and Defensive Driving Instructor.

Charlie’s duties include road, field and classroom instruction, assisting with scheduling, testing, and the day to day operation of our training program.

Charlie has recently semi-retired and now works at FTA two days a week as a road instructor.

Tim Hussey, Instructor/Examiner

Tim joined FTA in 2010 and moved into a full time position in 2011.  Tim is a retired law enforement officer and a member of a NASCAR pit crew.  Tim is a NCDMV approved commercial driving instructor as well as a CDL Examiner.  Tims day to day duties include all aspects of training and CDL road testing.

David Gandy, Instructor/Examiner

David joined FTA in 2011 as a part time instructor and has been cetified through the NCDMV as a CDL Examiner.  Davids flexible schedule allows him to assist FTA with instruction and examinations on a regular basis.  David is also certified through the NCDMV as a Commercial Driving Instructor.

Wes Nance, Instructor

 Wes joined FTA in 2014 as a range/driving instructor.  Wes has many years of experience in the trucking industry as a driver, shipping/recieving supervisor, and fleet maintenance.  Wes' primary job at FTA is teaching and supervising the range portion of training as well as filling in as a road instructor when needed.  Wes is certified through the NCDMV as a commercial driving instructor.